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Manila For A Day connects the world to the Filipino soul. From guided tours to workshops and consulting services, we deliver cultural intelligence solutions by creating learning programs that take you on modern day voyages of discovery. Choose a Manila For A Day signature program below to start your journey.

About Us

Manila For A Day is the product of a decade’s worth of combined experience from tour guiding, teaching, events management, facilitation, and academic research. We started in 2013 as a guiding service provider, specializing in time travelling engagements in Manila and its surrounding cities. Now, Manila For A Day is in the business of appreciation and understanding. We bridge the gap between knowledge and application; thus arming our clients with tools that will allow them to navigate the often murky waters of Philippine culture.


Quality Over Quantity

All Manila For A Day engagements are private. We do not mix groups to preserve the quality of our tours.

Fun But Factual

We aim to enrich your understanding of the Philippines with interactive commentaries and tangible experiences. All information can be cited as well.

No Commissions

We partner with others in different industries to bring you only the best deals. We do not skim from the top or pad at the bottom.


  • Oh my goodness... I can't rate this tour highly enough! Although I would consider this an amazing educational walk with a friend. Dustin simply knows his history like the back of his hand and after recalling some of my new found knowledge to a colleague, she felt like she had been on the tour with me, so well done to you Dustin as I feel privileged to have learnt it from such an inspiring individual who is passionate about history, his heritage and his clientele!!!
    Dianne T.
  • I went for a half day VIP tour with Dustin and it was amazing (not sure if it was actually VIP, but I certainly felt like it!). I'd previously only visited Manila briefly and didn't get a sense of what the community and culture was about. Dustin gave insights into the history of the Philippines, in a completely accessible, relatable way, even for a history novice like myself. Seeing into the culture and social structures was what I loved the most. Dustin's style is fun, personal and passionate, and justifiably so. I find this nation to be spectacularly beautiful, for both its beaches and beauty, as well as its innate culture and charm. What a find.
    Alisha D.
  • Wonderfully rich in history, culture, and fun. Good for all ages in that our eldest at 76 and youngest at 13 thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The pace was perfect and our tour guide Dustin was very engaging and entertaining. I highly recommended for your out of town guests!
    Suzanne V.
  • My girlfriend and I did a tour with Manila for a Day in March 2017. We absolutely loved it! The tour was informative, relevant and fun! Our tour guide, Dustin, was very knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend this tour company.
    Omar K.
  • We had Dustin for the 3G tour who was superb from start to finish. His knowledge of the topic was unparalleled and he was able to answer all queries raised. We enjoyed his anecdotal historical and personal commentaries about the Philippines as a country and as a people but also world history, culture and current events. Highly recommended to first-time travelers and locals alike!
    Monique R.