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Manila For A Day connects the world to the Filipino soul. From guided tours to workshops and consulting services, we deliver cultural intelligence solutions by creating learning programs that take you on modern day voyages of discovery. Choose a Manila For A Day signature program below to start your journey.

About Us

Manila For A Day is the product of a decade’s worth of combined experience from tour guiding, teaching, events management, facilitation, and academic research.
We started in 2013 as a guiding service provider, specializing in time travelling engagements in Manila and its surrounding cities. Now, Manila For A Day is in the business of appreciation and understanding. We bridge the gap between knowledge and application; thus arming our clients with tools that will allow them to navigate the often murky waters of Philippine culture.


Quality Over Quantity

All Manila For A Day engagements are private. We do not mix groups to preserve the quality of our tours.

Fun But Factual

We aim to enrich your understanding of the Philippines with interactive commentaries and tangible experiences. All information can be cited as well.

No Commissions

We partner with others in different industries to bring you only the best deals. We do not skim from the top or pad at the bottom.


  • Such an amazing day. Dustin was knowledgeable, funny, charismatic, and willing to tend to ever request: from helping us find soup #5 in Binondo, to riding the jeepney with us. Highly recommend Manila For A Day to anyone wanting to get to know Manila better.
    Francesa Casal
  • EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINING. Yes, it is possible to use those two words to describe a tour of a really old city. We used our eyes, ears, and believe it or not, our noses too. The tour wasn't confined to pointing at this-and-that and what it is/for. We got some history, architecture, anthropology, and comedy all in one day. It was worth it. Thank you Sir Dustin of Manila For A Day for a wonderful time at Intramuros!
    Ingrid Lapuz
  • This is really an amazing tour. Dustin Ancheta brings something very valuable and unique from other tour guides. You'll get more than what you paid for, have fun and learn more than just a new thing or two!
    Cheryll Ann Selda
  • I never thought I could love Manila like I did after this tour. One of the most enriching tours I have been to. No longer do I feel like a stranger in Manila. Both entertaining and informative. You don't just learn about history, you'll somewhat live it in a sens
    BJ David