Motu Proprio

This program is still under development. Please explore our other tours to book available programs.

Motu Proprio

This program is still under development. Please explore our other tours to book available programs.

A pilgrimage, a tour, an adventure, and everything else in between! The Motu Proprio tour takes you on a journey of discovery by delving deep into the core of the Filipino’s social identity: Catholicism.

Explore how Catholicism shaped the country’s history in order to create the Philippines that you know today in this enlightening and inspiring tour of the most notable Catholic churches in the Philippines: the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church.

The unparalleled professional guiding expertise of Manila For A Day is paired with rare and exclusive access to parts of these iconic churches to create a deeply engrossing and memorable experience that you won’t soon forget.

On top of that, this tour offers in-depth discussions of the Filipino people’s social identity as you discuss with our expert cultural navigators how the introduction of Catholicism in the Philippines shaped the very identity of the Filipino people that you meet today. Topics will even include how the Catholic Church in the Philippines has influenced, both for the better, and for the worst, everything about the Philippines. From our politics, our economy, to the very perception of the Filipinos of the world around them—all of these were molded by our experience with Catholicism as an arm of Spanish colonialism.

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All Manila For A Day engagements are private. We do not mix groups to preserve the quality of our tours.

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