Baybayin Course

Learn the ancient, pre-colonial writing system of the Filipino people in this deeply engaging course on Filipino calligraphy.

Baybayin Course

Learn the ancient, pre-colonial writing script of the Filipino people in this quick and easy 3-hour course and help us keep our national identity and culture alive!

Specifically designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible in reading and writing our fluid, curvilinear script, this amazing experience will arm you with the core foundations of using baybayin in a scientific and historical manner.

Manila For A Day’s Baybayin program is based on the first, and earliest, Spanish documents with baybayin translations. To learn baybayin with us is to learn baybayin exactly as the first Spaniards on our shores learned it from our ancestors. It’s the best way to get started before heading to the more complicated and purist version of our pre-colonial scripts.

About the Instructors

To ensure that you get only the highest quality learning experience, all our Baybayin Workshops will have a main facilitator supported by teaching assistants who are all masters of baybayin.

José Alain Austria
Manila For A Day’s Historian-at-Large, Alain has over 20 years of teaching experience in the fields of Philippine and World History with a specialization in historical district studies.

A true renaissance man of dynamic wit and intelligence, Alain is a historian and cultural expert who specializes in local and art history, folk religiosity, and calligraphy. Alain is the perfect mentor to get you started in learning to love baybayin as he has been practicing and mastering the art and science of pre-colonial Philippine scripts since 1999.

Luisito Tayag
Corporate trainer and facilitator. Santo restoration artist. Master Baybayin calligrapher. These are just a few of the hats that Luisito wears on a daily basis when he’s not busy navigating across cultures and guiding for Manila For A Day.

Luisito uses his extensive experience in organizational development and training to help you learn and master baybayin in a fun and engaging manner. From the moment you enter the room, to the moment you sit down and write your first baybayin character, you’ll realize that you have found another perfect mentor to getting you started in learning Baybayin.

Dustin Ancheta
A stereotype nerd with a passion for Philippine history, Dustin is an amateur historian with an interest in 15th to 17th century Philippines and pre-colonial Philippine scripts, particularly baybayin. He is the Lead Cultural Navigator of the company and has been teaching Philippine history for almost a decade through Manila For A Day’s signature tour programs for almost a decade.

What You’ll Learn

Manila For A Day’s signature Baybayin Crash Course is designed to give you both the theoretical and practical framework to use baybayin as a form of nationalistic self-expression. To achieve this, the 3-hour course is split into three parts:

Demystifying Baybayin
The first part of the course is a short discussion on what Baybayin actually is, and what it isn’t based on factual, researched-back historical information. We demystify baybayin by discovering its origins, its evolution, extinction, and finally its revival.

This segment of the course also talks about the various schools of thought regarding the propagation and practice of baybayin as well as the other Pre-Colonial Philippine Scripts.

Baybayin and You
The bulk of the crash course is dedicated to this segment where you will learn how to write the syllabary that is baybayin. Building on the theoretical framework from the previous segment, we walk you through baybayin’s many characters using the Lopez Writing Method combined with the Buddhist method of teaching the sutras.

We use a collection of hands-on approaches in how we teach the practical framework for writing baybayin. We do everything from breaking down each character and writing it with you stroke by stroke, all the way to mentored writing exercises where you try your hand at writing classical Filipino poems into baybayin.

Baybayin Personified
The last part of the Baybayin Crash Course is a personal one: your names in Baybayin. In this segment we teach you the different methods of translating your name to its old tagalog and baybayin counterpart.

A well-researched reference on your name will be provided to you in this segment of the course and, using this, we will guide you through the nuances of finding that spark of inspiration and perhaps rediscovering not just your artistic side, but also your latent Filipino soul!

We’re particularly proud of this segment as it not only adds a very personalized touch to the course, but also allows you to really reconnect with the ancient Philippine script.

Rates & Inclusions

The 3-hour course is Php 1,299* per participant and comes with the following inclusions:
• Expert, hands-on instruction
• Guaranteed small class sizes
• Paper and other art materials
• Pencils, pens, and other writing implements will be available for use
• Certificate of completion
• 10% discount voucher codes for future Manila For A Day tours or Baybayin Courses (subject to limited validity)
• Invitation to join Manila For A Day’s exclusive online Baybayin community on Facebook

* For private sessions, a minimum of six (6) participants is required.

27 January 2019

Sunday, 2:00-5:00 PM

O2 Space
Unit 601 RCI Building
105 Rada Street, Legazpi Village
Makati City

Early Bird Rate PHP 999
Published Rate PHP 1299

The Early Bird Rate (EBR) is available until 6 January 2019 only.


Private Sessions

Upon request and subject to availability

Upon request and subject to availability

PHP 1,299 per participant, minimum of six (6) participants per private session

Real Expertise

We have a veritable collection of degrees and experience among our Cultural Navigators from only the best universities in the country. When we run a talk for you, you can rest assured that you have actual experts in the room.

Engaging Content

We hate being bored, so we try to make sure that you never are! All our talks and workshops keep two things in mind at all times: that you’re learning, and that you’re having fun doing so!

Meticulously Researched

APA or MLA? Our Cultural Navigators are proud of their academic backgrounds and are passionate about being able to properly cite their sources. We check and double check everything so you don’t have to.

Extra Credit

The talk may be over, but your experience doesn’t to end there! You can always reach out after a talk or workshop to ask for more resources or more reading material on the subject.

Public Workshops

This 3-hour crash course is designed to teach you how to read and write this fluid, curvilinear script. We will focus on demystifying Baybayin and teaching it in the same manner as it was encountered during our people’s first contact with our Spanish colonizers more than 500 years ago—no fuss or frills, just scientific and historical techniques.

27 January 2019

Sunday, 2:00-5:00 PM

O2 Space
Unit 601 RCI Building
105 Rada Street, Legazpi Village
Makati City

Early Bird Rate PHP 999
Published Rate PHP 1299

The Early Bird Rate (EBR) is available until 6 January 2019 only.


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Terms & Conditions

• Cancellations are only refundable if made at least 7 banking days prior to the workshop. Email if you wish to cancel.
• Cancellations made 6 banking days (or fewer) prior to the workshop are non-refundable but are transferable.
• Slot transfers are only allowed up to 3 days or 72 hours prior to the workshop. Email talks@manilaforaday to transfer your slot.
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• No entry beyond 2:10 PM.
• Canceled slots due to tardiness are non-refundable.

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Private Sessions

We bring science, art, and history together in one customized course that we can deliver straight to your door. Customized to fit your or your organization’s schedule, you can book anything from a single day’s crash course to multi-session courses for true mastery of this incredible writing system.

Further classes will be customized based on your learning objectives. For example, you may be interested in integrating Baybayin for Shodo Calligraphy, or perhaps you’d like to focus on Baybayin and Precolonial Tattoo Symbology instead. It’s up to you how to proceed after the initial Crash Course. We will work with you to maximize your Baybayin experience!


Upon request and subject to availability


Upon request and subject to availability


PHP 1,299 per participant, minimum of six (6) participants per private session


Book a private session by filling up this form or by emailing